Thursday, July 29, 2010

Johnny Damon Returns to Fenway

Did you know that Johnny Damon grew out his beard as a member of the Red Sox because it hurt to shave following a concussion in 2003? (He played with that concussion in the playoffs that year, mind you. That explains the beard...not sure about the speech thing.)

Did you know that, in 2003 and '04, Damon was third and fourth respectively in assists for Major League center fielders, and that his .992 fielding percentage is 14th best all-time at the position? (source)

Did you know that in the video game Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr., Damon is black??? (It's true - check it out. And play the game, because it's simply classic.

The player some called the caveman and others called Baseball Jesus returns to Fenway tomorrow night for the first time as a non-Yankee visitor. Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe believes it's time to give him his long overdue ovation.

If you're on either side of the Sox/Yanks rivalry, it's worth a look, along with this gallery of Damon through the years.

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