Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First LeBron, Now Lee? What's Wrong, New York?

I read an interesting post on the howiGit blog (that's How I G It) about how the Yanks lost their mojo because they failed to sign Crawford. The comments section blew up because nobody this side of the Mass Pike believed that to be true - the Yanks were simply focusing on the free agent that could make the biggest impact on the division and playoffs in Cliff Lee. Crawford made far less sense for his price tag and position than the lefty from Arkansas.

Well, now that the Yanks whiffed on Lee -- arguably the biggest swing and a miss since the Knicks' missed on the LeBron-a-thon -- I'm siting here in Boston, cowering inside my office, hoping my coworkers and local friends forget that I'm a Yanks aficionado. Considering the banner, drawings and mug at my desk, something tells me I've made myself known.

Either way, I can finally understand the Red Sox mentality pre-2004 (and the mentality that still lingers for most fans). I saw the Sox pay big bucks for a big free agent, make a swift trade using their minor league resources, and now gloat over the Yanks losing out on their one must-have free agent.

Coupled with my love of LeBron's Heat early struggles (damn you, 9 game winning streak...), I at last relate to the pleasure Sox fans get from the Yanks' misery, and the pain they feel when the Yanks succeed.

I've been in Boston two years, three months and 13 days, and I am at long last feeling the sting that my neighbors know too well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I hear someone coming and must take cover under this desk.


  1. Oh, and the free agent market for SPs after next season? Not great.


  2. The Phillies pitching rotation is just absolutely out of control now. The Red Sox are going to be absurdly good with the additions of Gonzalez and Crawford but the Phils might be a whole step above even them. My hopes for a Sox championship are made wary by the potential of having to beat these Phillies in October.

  3. The Phillies starters 1-4 are better for sure, but you've got to look at Boston's depth -- with Lester, Bucholz, Beckett, Matsuzaka, Lackey, and Wakefield you've got 5 very good and 6 potential starters. Even if a few of them don't have good years a few likely will.

    Not to mention that our offense is much better than the Phillies. I think you've got to make us the favorite....at this point.

    As for your pain, well, I hope it hurts like hell.

    Merry Christmas.

    howiGit (thanks for the shout out)