Monday, December 27, 2010

Yanks/Sox Worst Nightmare: The Boston Yanks

Part of the impetus of this blog was trying to discover and/or build a community of Yankees fans living in enemy territory in Boston.

I can say with certainty that there are thousands of Yankees fans living in and around Boston without a meeting place, bar, community hall or so much as a street corner where they can convene.

Yanks fans in Boston are, in a nut shell, hermits of the sports world: huddling inside, never revealing their true passions too loudly in public, and nary a glance outside (especially when the Sox sign major free agents...).

So you can imagine my shock and amusement when Googling "boston yanks" revealed the following: Boston Yanks, NFL team from 1944-48.

So, what if the Yanks moved to Boston and became the Boston Yankees? After all, it's not the franchise itself but the location that breeds a fan base (just look at teams that shift locations, from the baseball Giants to the Sonics/Thunder in the NBA.) Would I be forced into rooting for the Mets? For a Boston-based team?

Would New York suddenly despise Derek Jeter? How would the city of Boston receive the incoming Yankees? How would they sell any tickets in that market? What would happen to the rivalry? Would the Yanks suddenly sport tons of facial hair and stop showering?

Better move to the rundown before my head explodes -- this is like contemplating infinity.

  • It's no secret just how lefty-heavy the Sox will be...does the team agree that this is a problem?
  • Just uncovered a solid new site for deep fantasy leagues called check out the second-tier prospects listed and how the Yanks and Sox stack up (hint: it's pretty lopsided).
  • Everyone is talking about how the Sox will be the team to beat in the AL East. But has there really been a changing of the guard in the division? Last time I checked, titles aren't won in December. Come to think of it, regular season games aren't won in December. Patience, people!

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Thanks for reading - Happy Holidays!


  1. You just came up with a good idea. If there isn't one already there should be a Boston bar just for Yankee fans... like a gay bar. Maybe it could even become a national chain. I went to a Yankees game in Anaheim this summer. You would not believe the amount of Yankees apparel. A very conservative estimate would be 10% of the crowd was wearing something Yankees, & that doesn't count the fans wearing no MLB apparel. That's thousands of people!

  2. I was also really confused about how to react to Matsui. I'd prefer to be a Matsui fan no matter where he plays, though I'd prefer not to root against the Yankees.

    I think the Boston Yankees would be an ideal team for a Boston transplant like yourself. The problem is what happens if you live in Queens? Are you really going to go through all the trouble of catching games for a team that won't even bear your proud city's name? I have a much better idea. Have it be like the New York Jets & Giants. They play in New Jersey. I say the Yankess could move to Boston, but rub it in Boston's face by continuing to call themselves the "New York" Yankees.

  3. Ha interesting idea at the end there, Joe. The Boston Yanks used to be a real NFL team but if they ever switched up names/logos/mascots/cities of modern day teams, it'd be interesting to see how people would respond.

    I agree on Matsui - tough to root against a player of his importance to the Yankees when he played with them. I like to see guys like that do well individually but never win it...unless the Yanks are knocked out, then I'm all for it.

    Thanks for reading, and Happy Holidays/New Year!