Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yanks/Sox Rivalry Ninth Commandment

There's nothing more terrifying than knowing you're surrounded by the enemy. Well, perhaps that's trumped by knowing even the law enforcement who serve and protect would sympathize with your attacker should anyone hear me shout in favor of the Yanks.

Living in Boston, I've learned to love the abundance of sports bars and pubs and loathe the sports fans who inhabit them. I imagine the same would hold true if the scenery shifted to New York, with one notable exception - there are zero New York-friendly bars in Boston. Everything is too small, too homogenous, and too centered on the Red Sox.

On the rare occasion when I venture to a pub for games, I've been forced into a series of knee-high fist pumps under the table, coupled with some discreet, satisfied nodding. That's a sad existence for any Sox or Yanks fan.

In my travels around the Boston area, I've seen Georgia Bulldogs, Minnesota Vikings, and New Orleans Saints all represented in local watering holes, but Googling 'yankees bar boston' returns simply...

Yankees/Red Sox Rivalry Commandments

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